The Public Sociology Association (PSA) is an academic and political community formed by sociology graduate students at George Mason University. Mason’s unique sociology PhD program concentrates on public sociology, an avenue of sociological thought and practice that seeks to utilize knowledge for the benefit of the society that it studies.

It is the mission of the PSA to first and foremost engage our knowledge of agency and structure in the everyday experiences of those that are faced with disadvantages that limit their life chances.

Members of the PSA are committed to the tenants of peace, equality, and social justice in the face of vast social problems. While no solution is short of its own complexity, we are committed to utilizing the skill sets and ways of thinking about the social world that our discipline provides us, and engaging those solutions in a open and democratic manner.

We value the uniqueness that other disciplines and individuals bring to the table and hope to work with them in discussing and analyzing various issues. Although our methods are inclined to steer us (as best they can) to objective conclusions and answers, the PSA recognizes the political stances that surround social problems and the rights of people to have those stances.

That being said, members of the PSA are “political” by practice in their sociology and in their manner of engaging with various publics. We make our stances known when discussing various issues, and we do not shy away from them.


Members of the Public Sociology Association