Structures of Violence: Engaging the Public Imagination

5th Annual Public Sociology Conference

Sponsored by the Public Sociology Association

April 9, 2016 – GMU Arlington, Virginia campus

PSA Conference Program 2016

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This year’s conference focuses on systemic violence and public engagement. Conference sessions address these issues from a number of different perspectives, including public policy, social movements, communications, and activism, to name but a few.

It is our hope that this conference will inspire public deliberation regarding structures of violence. With much of the world experiencing myriad forms of violence as part of their everyday lives, we hope that these rich discussions will contribute towards plans and actions that concretely address these public issues.

In keeping with our commitment to support graduate and undergraduate student scholarship that is both public and applied, a second, student-centered theme threads this conference: numerous panels and workshops explore academic labor, student activism, the intersection of graduate research and social change, and challenges students face in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

We thank you for your presence and for using your ears and voice throughout the day!