Although the concept of public sociology might run counter to it being confined to the purely academic, we must acknowledge that the institutionalization of a public sociology will require it to engage with the academic structure.

What we have listed here are academic resources that we believe are open to the practice of public sociology, and provide professional spaces to “legitimize” such work and allow public sociology to be carried out.

  • To see academic associations, click here.
  • To see academic journals, click here.

Additionally, the Social Science Research Council has a series entitled “Academia & the Public Sphere,” featuring essays from prominent scholars across the disciplines on the intersection of academic work and issues of the public sphere.

Likewise, the International Sociological Association’s Social Justice and Democratization Space has posted articles discussing “Public Sociology” from outside the United States.

Academic Publishing:

“Turning a Paper into a Publishable/Published Manuscript” – a handout prepared by Dr. Davis (GMU) as part of a graduate student workshop held during the Fall 2010 semester.

Video on the ‘Author Academy’ from Springer.

Tips on writing op-eds from the American Sociological Association.